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Business trips in the context of coronavirus


In the last few months, the threat of Coronavirus has become a global problem. The epidemic has inevitably done damage in every aspect of our lives. Business travel was one of the first and most affected activities. Now the world will look for ways to restore the normal rhythm of life, learning to live in a new environment, under new rules, in different conditions. All these aspects will also apply to business trips, i.e. they are associated with travel in vehicles – planes, buses, etc., staying in hotels, using car rental, etc. All activities that pose certain risks in the face of a pandemic.

We will try to answer the questions that in the last two months excite the customers of hotels, transport and travel companies the most.

Can I refund my already paid bookings?

Each hotel or organization decides for itself how to proceed in this situation. If there is a real ban on the authorities restricting the use of the service, a refund is one option. A second option is to move the use of the service for another period, unlimited in time or for a sufficiently long period. Refunds are extremely difficult, especially for organisations that have been cut off because of the epidemic, and they often have difficulty paying back the sums already paid to them.

Airlines are fully flexible and, in addition to refunding, offer their customers fixed-rate vouchers for the next flight. Hotels also refund 100%, excluding cancellation fees.

What measures are hotels taking to tackle the coronavirus epidemic?

A huge percentage of hotels closed immediately after the state of emergency was put in place. However, exceptional measures need to be taken when the normal rhythm of operation at the sites is resumed. First of all are hygienic activities related to disinfection, treatment of common areas. Possibility of reduced contact and direct contact between employees and guests by increasing the digitization of activities as far as possible. Mandatory use of protective equipment by employees. Prohibition of stacking of many people in one place, such as bars, lobbies, restaurants, etc.

Many hotels have included additional precautions to ensure the safety of guests. Routine cleaning and hygiene protocols have become stricter and more frequent, especially in public spaces, hospital cleaners are widespread, and hand disinfection stations are located everywhere.

What are airlines doing to help travelers?

Many airlines have introduced new measures to reduce the risk of in-flight infection spreading, including more frequent disinfection of planes and lounges, advising crew to wear masks, reducing flight services to avoid unnecessary contact, and conducting temperature checks in front of passengers boarding the plane.

Corporate clients

Do I need to cancel a business trip in Bulgaria?

Currently, no health bans are issued for domestic travel, so in the end each trip remains an individual business decision. However, we at Grand Hotel London recommend that companies limit all non-essential travel to limit the spread of coronavirus. If you need assistance in cancelling or postponing a hotel reservation, please contact our team.

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