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The architectural heritage of Talyana


The Grand Hotel London hosts the Talyana Architectural Heritage, organized by the Talyana Association. The cumulative exhibition is in memory of arch. Dabko Dabkov, who also designed the building of the Grand Hotel London.

From January 21, 2021, the exhibition could be viewed in the hotel’s garden. The works you can see in them were created during the “Architectural Heritage of Talyana” plenary. We chose to present architecture from Old Varna on this day, not by accident. On January 21, it was 146 years since the birth of one of the most significant architects for the sea capital – Dabko Dabkov. As one of the most in-depth researchers of his work noted at the opening – Christian Oblakov, among the nearly 300 buildings he designed are also those of the Grand Hotel “London” and today’s Hostel Musala. Which you can also see depicted by the talented graduates of “Konstantin Preslavski” – Varna, if you visit the temporary art spaces in #Talyana until February 21.

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Аристократичен стил | Бароков интериор | 100 години история

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Aristocratic style | Baroque interior | 100 years of history

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