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If you have already been our guest - you get 10% discount

You have been a guest of the London Grand Hotel for the past 24 months? Book again with us and get a 10% discount on the best price we offer on our site!

Check out our offers in the PRICES section or our most up-to-date offers in the OFFERS section

Хотел във Варна

How can I book to receive a loyalty bonus?

Book by phone, email, send a booking request from the Offers section or through the hotel's website, from the Prices section

When is the 10% discount valid?

If you have already realized an overnight stay in the hotel in the last 24 months

When can I not take advantage of the discount for loyal customers?

When you have booked through a hotel partner, through an external reservation system or through another agent

What do I need to do to declare the 10% bonus?

When booking, declare that you have already been our guest so that we can deduct 10% of the best price on the hotel's website

Bonus program

For all permanent guests, with actual and booked in the last 24 months, we offer a 10% discount on our best price on the hotel’s website. Thank you for choosing the London Grand Hotel again!

Аристократичен стил | Бароков интериор | 100 години история

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Aristocratic style | Baroque interior | 100 years of history

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