Start your day with a rich and healthy breakfast. It is included in the price and you can take advantage of it in the Musala restaurant from 07:00 to 10:00. The breakfast menu gives you the opportunity to taste freshly prepared eggs royal or eggs benedict; Enjoy the perfect combination of muesli and Bulgarian yoghurt; Treat yourself to a fine selection of cheeses and cold meats. If you do not get out of the room in the morning, dial 72 directly and order free breakfast in the room

During the day it is worth spending some time in our Lobby Bar – Grand Café London, which offers a wide variety of drinks. We are glad we could offer you different types of coffee – starting with some of the most popular coffees in the world, Kenya Espresso and ending with the most sophisticated Arabica coffee, Blue Mountain Espresso, Jamaica. It’s your choice. And to properly appreciate your cup of coffee, combine it with our homemade desserts – apple pie, cheesecake, chocolate cake, etc. Sit in the café and relax. The lobby bar staff will take care of you.

You can book a dinner table in Musala Restaurant and spend wonderful time with your friends. You should try our iceberg lettuce, continue with the duck liver and then with veal osso Buko, accompanied with a glass of exquisite red wine and complete your dinner with a piece of irresistible fruit cupcake.
At the end of the day in the lobby bar with a glass of whiskey or cognac, a pleasant conversation with people who also chose complete their day in your company.


Домати с моцарела

10.00 BGN

Салата Киноа

9.00 BGN

Салата Айсберг

11.00 BGN

Салата от червено цвекло

7.00 BGN

Доматена супа с гремолата и чеснови брускети

5.00 BGN

Крем супа с френско синьо сирене и билкови крутони

6.00 BGN

Канелони с мус от сирена, доматен сос и пармезан

12.00 BGN

Ризото с
морски дарове

11.00 BGN

Печен патладжан

11.00 BGN

Патешки дроб

19.00 BGN

Блек Ангъс карпачо

14.00 BGN

Маринован октопод

19.00 BGN

Печено агнешко джоланче

29.00 BGN

Телешко Оссо Буко

29.00 BGN

Говежди стек от Блек ангъс

32.00 BGN

Агнешки Т-бон стек

22.00 BGN


+359 52 664 100

+359 89 8 664 100

Restaurant: 10:00 – 22:00

Grand Coffee: 0:00 – 24:00