• Top 7 things business travelers really want

    Business customers are constantly on the move, which means that the needs of business travelers are very unique. While it may seem glamorous to stay in hotels and travel to big cities for business – the reality is often far different. Business travelers are tired passengers who wake up early in the morning to travel

  • The aristocratic hotels of Varna

    Official opening of Grand Hotel London In 1906, the construction of the first grand hotel for Varna was started: “The new Hotel London. The newly built five-floors London Hotel of Mr. Suzmeyan’s building has now been opened to the public. Needless to say, what need is filled in in Varna with the opening of this

  • Business trips in the context of coronavirus

    Всичко, което трябва да знаем за коронавируса и пътуващити по бизнес! In the last few months, the threat of Coronavirus has become a global problem. The epidemic has inevitably done damage in every aspect of our lives. Business travel was one of the first and most affected activities. Now the world will look for ways

  • 7 rules without the risk of coronavirus when traveling

    What are the most effective ways to reduce the risk of coronavirus if I still have to travel? Don’t! Stay at home if you have flu-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneezing, etc.). At this stage, remote work from home is encouraged and business trips are postponed for a further moment. Many companies work remotely at least


What offers does the hotel offer

The hotel offers various offers for holidays during the summer and winter seasons. Any offer we post has a clearly marked period of stay. Tenders may vary in nature, such as:

  • Early Booking Discounts
  • Free nights for a certain minimum stay
  • Business Customer Quotes
  • Festive offers – New Year, Easter, Bulgarian national holidays
  • Package deals including snacks, lunches or dinners
  • Group Booking Offers

What services does the hotel offer?

Grand Hotel London is a city business hotel in Varna. A city famous for its cultural heritage, nice beaches, nightlife and restaurants. The great location of the hotel in the very center of the city allows quick access to all cultural monuments, administrative buildings, the main pedestrian street and the Sea Garden.

The hotel has an unparalleled aristocratic spirit and atmosphere of old Varna. As you enter the hotel, you will be fascinated by the tastefully built lobby, a great place to meet friends and business partners. Immediately afterward, you will be accommodated in the luxuriously furnished rooms with wireless Internet access. The bathroom complements the wonderful experience you will experience with taking a warm bath.

How can I see what the hotel offers right now

Follow our offers and special promotions on the hotel’s website by subscribing to our newsletter. If you are looking for a sophisticated hotel in Varna 5 stars – we are the right choice!