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Natural phenomenon near Varna, also known as the Stone Forest

The natural phenomenon “The Upright Stones”, also known as the “Stone Forest” and “Dikilitash”, is located on an area of 7 sq.m. about 18-20 km from the town of Varna. Varna and a few kilometers from the town of Varna. Beloslav.
The natural landmark is an ensemble of stone columns up to 10 m high, hollow or dense cylinders, crossed cones, different in shape and size rock blocks, and numerous stone pieces scattered throughout the complex.

The “pobiti kamani” has been known as a sacral site since ancient times but was first documented in 1829.

For millennia, nature has sculpted stone pieces to turn them into impressive sculptures resembling humans, animals, monsters, mythical creatures. “The Stone Guards”, “The Camel”, “The Throne”, “The Stone Forest” are the names of only part of these natural sculptures.

The most famous and attractive for tourists is the ensemble “Dikilita group”. It is located about 18 km west of the town of Varna. varna and is easily accessible by road E70. The complex consists of over 300 different-sized columns, located in a strip measuring 850 m x 1 20 m and about 50 structures in a smaller spot to the south. Some of the columns are broken into two or three parts, others lie on the ground, as if they were plucked from their places, others form interesting sculptural groups.

The “Strashimirov group” is also very impressive. It is located to the south of the main group, near the city of Strashimirovo, and is composed of four ensembles close to each other with many different size and shape structures. A characteristic feature of the columns here is that they are bulging in the middle, as if two crossed cones are glued to their bases, some of them reaching up to 9 m in diameter.
The groups “Sunny” and “Banovo” are located in the vicinity of the villages of the same name and also have their charm. A stone sculpture resembles a frozen fountain, next door lies a stone lion with a diameter at the base over 12 m, in another place you can see colossal mushrooms, and with a good imagination, you will distinguish other shapes.

The other groups are located around the town of Varna. Beloslav and also worth considering.


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