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Top 7 things business travelers really want

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Business customers are constantly on the move, which means that the needs of business travelers are very unique. While it may seem glamorous to stay in hotels and travel to big cities for business – the reality is often far different. Business travelers are tired passengers who wake up early in the morning to travel to the next place and are often away from their families for extended periods.

From our experience with working and serving corporate clients at the Grand Hotel London, we have gained an industry insight into the things business travelers really want from the places you stay. Here are the top 7 things we learned about the needs of the business traveler.

Wi-Fi and connectivity

Hotels with Wi-Fi are a must for business travelers. As all hotels now strive to offer free and fast Wi-Fi, business travelers want as many opportunities as possible to reject extra work while out of the off-season to catch up on missed emails.

They need space

Perhaps unsurprisingly, business travelers appreciate the need for space. Not only does space improve their performance, but when it comes time to relax, they can feel more comfortable and feel at home. This is especially true for hotels with long-term business stays.

Value – but not always the lowest price

Like other travel groups, there is no doubt that business travelers also appreciate the price-quality ratio, but this does not necessarily mean the desire for the lowest price. Business travelers are looking for service providers that can add value to their offerings with additional amenities, drinks, and other services.


Being constantly busy and often lacking time means that business travelers appreciate the convenience. Whether it’s express check-in, online booking with automatic confirmation, or quick breakfast serving, this means time saved. Convenience is key for a happy business traveler, giving them more time for important things.

Loyalty schemes

Business travelers (and often their company that booked the trip on their behalf) appreciate and to some extent expect loyalty schemes or business discounts. Permanent travelers should always be rewarded with additional bonuses and discounts.

They are also looking for a holiday

Just because they travel for business doesn’t mean business travelers don’t appreciate pleasure. From entertainment, dining options and even spa treatments, a centrally located hotel with dining options and nightlife nearby.

Always be on time

For each business traveler to be in the time of the place in which he should be and to strictly follow his pre-prepared program is of utmost importance. Therefore, the fast service in the hotel, without unnecessary delays, is of great importance and is appreciated with high priority.

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