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Competition Whales and their cubs


If your children are 5 to 13 years old, are interested in the biggest creatures on the planet and love to paint, this competition is for them! The techniques – colored pencils, watercolor, crayons, collages with appliqués (we prefer to work with color). The organizer of the competition is the Association “Talyana”, which works for the development of the eponymous creative district of Varna. The initiative is within the framework of an exhibition underwater photography of arch. Martin Hristov, located in the pavilion of the Grand Hotel London, 3, Musala Str. (The Talyana Association turned the pavilion to the hotel restaurant into a temporary space for art.) The underwater photography exhibition was opened on the occasion of World Whale Conservation Day – February 20.

We invite the children to first look at the impressive footage taken by Martin Hristov near Tonga before they start painting. The photo story shows how tender a 40-tonne mother can be to her young 3-ton daughter, what a 4-foot fin hug looks like, and other interesting moments in the life of humpback whales. With an unmistakable sense of composition and color, interesting points of view, and the ability to capture the moment, the photographer invites us to immerse ourselves in the world of these seemingly heavy and clumsy creatures to share with us both their and their experiences in the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Here are some more trivia:

1. After leaving the food-rich Antarctic waters, the pregnant female finds almost no food. To survive, she must have previously accumulated a layer of fat nearly 15 cm thick, eating up to 2 tons of fish a day. This stock must ensure the survival of her and her calf without food for a period of more than 6 months.

2. During the road and stay in tropical waters, the mother loses 10 tons of her weight.

3. The calf drinks nearly 150 l of her mother’s extremely nutritious, high-fat breast milk daily and grows by an impressive 45 kg per day.

Our partners at the Grand Hotel London will accept the children’s drawings at the reception. They will then hang the works on a dashboard so they can be seen by passers-by. We will be expecting the children’s works by March 7 inclusive. Please spell out the child’s full name, age, and contact phone number on the back of the drawings when you hand them over to the hotel reception. The jury will be in a line-up: the artist and fine arts teacher with years of experience Kalia Yordanova-Bratanova, Martina Edrova – also a fine arts teacher, and the author of the underwater photographs Martin Hristov. Prizes will be awarded in three age categories: 5 –7, 8 – 10, and 11 – 13 years. It’s Talyana. After the end of the exhibition, they will all be free to sail wherever they want!

Thank you for the initiative and enthusiasm of the colleagues of the Association Of Talyana.

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