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Aladzha Monastery is a rock monastery dating back to the Middle Ages, 10.6 miles away. north-east of Varna

The monastery is divided into several natural caves, located in a sheer rock with a height of over 40 m.

The name Aladzha has Arabic or Persian roots, and its meaning is “colorful, patterned”. Since 1960 it has been named “Holy Trinity”. It is not known what his original name was. According to the legends and legends, the patron of the monastery is St. Spas.

The rock abode Aladzha Monastery consists of two levels. On the first level are a monastery church, a kitchen with a dining room, a crypt, a chain of monastic cells, a church for peaceful prayers. On the second level, there is a large natural rock niche, at the end of which is located a small paracles, which can be reached by a wooden staircase from the lower floor where the church for calmed prayers was located. Here the original medieval frescoes are best preserved, due to the difficult access.

Near the location of the monastery, the remains of a church that dates from the 5th – 6th centuries were found. He was beaten by herd monks.

The first systematic studies of the monastery date back to the late 19th century, led by the brothers Karel and Hermine Skorpil.

Since 1912 it has been declared a site of historical importance, and since 1957 it has been declared a monument of culture.


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