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Sea Garden

Sea Garden

The Sea Garden or Primorsky Park is a large park along the Black Sea coast in Varna, Bulgaria.

Bulgaria is a country rich in natural resources, interesting places to visit. The area around Varna is full of beauty and interesting tourist places, pleasant to see all year round.
The landmarks around Varna relate to the millennial history of Bulgaria, as well as many natural sites that have formed over the centuries.
The most popular attractions are not always the most interesting. There are many still undeveloped and not so advertised nice places in Bulgaria, which have recently started to gain well-deserved popularity.

Hot spots in Varna

Many natural phenomena and beautiful natural landmarks are located at relatively short distances around Varna. Among the most famous of these are Pobiti Kamani, Wonderful Rocks, Golden Sands Nature Park, Cape Emine, Bolata Beach, Wonderful Rocks, Madara Rider, Cape Kaliakra, Sea Garden, and many beautiful beaches in the north and south of the city.
Depending on how many days we are in the city and whether we are a couple, children, or friends, we can diversify our day in different ways. A walk in the Sea Garden, a visit to the Zoo, the Dolphinarium, is one of the best options if we are a family with children. We do not miss the attraction of beaches, bars, and discos when we are with friends. There is nothing more romantic than dinner in a restaurant by the sea when we are with a loved one.

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