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The National Historical and Archaeological Reserve “Pliska” is located 28 kilometers northeast of the town of Shumen and 3 km from the modern town of

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery

Aladzha Monastery is a rock monastery dating back to the Middle Ages, 10.6 miles away. north-east of Varna

Bulgaria with its millennial history and as a place where different civilizations lived, is rich in cultural landmarks and historical finds. The area around Varna is full of beauty and interesting tourist places, pleasant to see all year round.

Historic tourist sites around Varna

Many different civilizations have trodden tracks in the vicinity of Varna, which is an attraction center due to its proximity to the sea. Over the years, many sites have been wiped out, but traces of just as many can be found within an hour’s drive. Such sites are the Aladzha Monastery, Petrich Kale, Ovech Fortress, Pliska, Roman Baths.
Varna, as a major historical center, has a developed structure of museums, such as Varna Archaeological Museum, Ethnographic Museum, Vladislav Varnenchik Park Museum, Museum of Natural History, Museum of the Revival, Museum of Mosaics in Devnya, City Art Gallery, Museum of the History of Medicine, Doll Museum, Nicolaus Copernicus Observatory, Retro Museum, Euxinograd Palace.
The maritime theme is by default very popular in the Varna region, known as the maritime capital of Bulgaria. The aquarium, the dolphinarium, the daring ship, the naval museum are popular.
North of Varna there are also many attractions that are interesting for tourists. This is the lighthouse in Shabla, the botanical garden in Balchik, the palace in Balchik.
Our rich history attracts the creation of various tourist sites to recreate excerpts from the great historical richness and importance of Bulgaria – the Cyrillic Yard, Historical Park, Phanagoria.
As a large Christian center, Varna has many temples and churches, both large and small.

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